5/19/20 - Surprise!
Zayn was excited for the secret plans he had for the two of them. He'd had some other plans in mind originally, but due to quarantine he had to postpone it. After several months, and realizing that it was very likely it would be quite a while before he would be able to carry out the plans he had been hoping for he decided to come up with an alternate plan. He'd spent a lot of time thinking and planning out what to do. It was a bit difficult given he was limited to places that weren't too far from them and where they could realistically go and be safe. He finally came up with something that he felt was the next best thing to his original plan given the circumstances.

After spending a nice day of relaxing and hanging out with Gigi, it was time to get ready to go. He dressed in one of his nicer button up tops and a pair of jeans and made sure he looked decent and spritz on some cologne to take that extra step. Once they were both ready to go and he had everything they needed packed into the car, he took her hand into his own and lead her out to the car, opening the door for her to get in before getting in himself. On the way to their destination the two chatted away, it was a lengthy drive and as he expected, that meant Gigi kept asking where they were going or for hints but he continued to refuse.

As they began to get closer, they started driving through places that were much less developed and soon they were driving up through the mountains. As they got closer it was starting to get a little darker, but it was pretty perfect timing, he thought. Finally they arrived at a parking lot at the top of the mountain and Zayn found a spot for the car. "We're at Cherry Springs State Park. I decided we should start our evening with a late picnic dinner while we're waiting for it to get darker, then you get the most amazing view of the night sky up here so we can relax in our chairs or on the blanket and stargaze and just...be together and enjoy the company and the view. And then I rented a cabin near by for us to stay in for the night so we don't have to worry about driving back to the farm dead tired and we don't have to rush to leave here either," he explained happily.

Getting out of the car, Zayn headed to the trunk to grab the things he'd brought with them, a basket full of their picnic food, some camping chairs incase they wanted to sit, a blanket they could lay ontop of on the ground, and a blanket to cuddle under if they got chilly. He met Gigi on the side of the car and lead her over towards the open area, finding a nice spot for them to set up. He laid out the blanket on the ground, setting up the two chairs behind it and set the folded blanket onto one of the chairs for now so they could sit and enjoy their dinner on the blanket. He pulled out all of the food he'd brought plenty of items to make sandwiches with, a container with a variety of fruits pre cut and ready for them to eat, some cut up veggies with dips, some bags of chips, and a selection of options for drinks including bottles of water.

The pair enjoyed their picnic while continuing to chit chat away as they always did. As they ate and talked sun compeltely disappeared now and it was starting to get much darker. Before long it would be completely dark and they would get a perfect view of the night sky. A couple other people eventually showed up as they had been eating and found a spot to set themselves up, but for the most part it was pretty empty and everyone was respectful and spread out as to be safe as possible.

After picking up their food when they were finished, Zayn and Gigi curled up between the two blankets, tangled up with one another as they watched the stars above them. The two talked for a while, making sappy comments to one another and talking a little more about their future as they had the other night. Finally Zayn took on a slightly more serious tone. He sat up beside her, encouraging her to do the same, and turned to face her more, his hand reaching out to cup her cheek. "You know, every day that goes by, I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. I've always stood by the fact that you're the best thing to ever happen to me. You've been there for me through a lot of ups and downs. You've seen me literally at my very worst and my very best and everywhere in between. I know I haven't always been the greatest boyfriend...in fact I was a really shitty one for a while...and I know I still have room to grow and I will continue to do so as time goes on. When I thought I'd lost you forever I was broken and lost and that's a feeling I never want to have again. I've known for a long time now that I wanted you to be my forever, that we were meant to be. The more time that goes by has only made that more and more solid. I love you more than anything else in the entire world. Originally I had this big romantic gesture in mind that I really wanted to do but with quarantine it wasn't really possible...and if we're being honest this is more us anyway.."he began. And then he was shifting, moving to kneel on one knee as he reached into his pocket. "I can't imagine living my life without you, and I never ever want to... will you marry me?" he asked as his eyes moved to lock onto hers.

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